Time is testing and tough, where toughest will survive and grow. Economy is at low, problem are at high, solutions are challenging and costly, businesses are staggered, services have very few buyers, But we have to move on from here, go and conquer the war against COVID19 with high morale, dedication, devotion and determination. The positivity will always sail through by LIFE = EQ+SQ+MQ+RQ+TQ. where EQ is emotional quotient of surviving struggling people with having utmost high happiness index even in distress. SQ is Spiritual Quotient where in person will have faith in almighty, the power he or she believes to help him or her in distress, his belief in ethics and values which will give high degree of positivity leading to high morale. MQ is the money quotient, the wisdom to use available assets depending upon market value as this will buy food and other needs requirement for own and dependents survivals. RQ is Relation and Resources Quotient, more the friends relatives -  like minded positive people group will always empower people to be happy amongst all engaging them with highest productivity rather than getting low in attitude and high on distress. They would be cheering with positive stress - Eustress for growth and advancement in life. TQ is Time Quotient and Total Quality Quotient leading to proper time management as because of lockdown and restrictions, how to utilise time in most productive manner with enhancing the level of quality to optimum level in all the scenario of our endeavour to perform and survive in this challenging situation. People with right attitude in life will always sail through with these five fundamentals of life. Adversities are turned in to opportunities and with tough mind to meet the challenges of COVID19 will defeat the vicious design of this biological world war which is affecting each one in our Globe. Let's unite, obey rules, take precautions, innovate, and relaunch life with above five fundamentals of life to exist, lead and survive in this COVID19 WORLD.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Bahl


Pyramid College of Business & Technology - PCBT