Tapasya Bahl share ideas about mental health management

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Tapasya Bahl

Tapasya Bahl share ideas about mental health management

Today we all are facing extreme circumstances and are having a rush of emotions after knowing about the actor's suicide. Talks about mental health and depression are all over social media. We are true to say that we are here to talk if and when needed, but 


In today's scenario of advanced communication  and technology ,

 Are we having the time to put these highfigh gadgets to use?

Nowadays, we are home (most of us, and all on weekends),

 How much time do we actually spend to talk with parents oland children in the house? 

How much time do we actually spend talking to people near to us, over the phone?

One goodmorning message on WhatsApp everyday, random forwarded texts /videos on same aren't enought to say I AM HERE FOR YOU!

I read this quote once and I don't know who wrote it, but it goes like-  "I fear the day my kids will have a problem and I won't be the first one they think of , to ask for help." It's so relatable, to any relationship.

Why have we given up on each other?

Why do we give the environment around us, so much importance?

The society, the status, bank balance, blah blah blah!

I hate to admit, we are living to prove that we are living and not actually LIVING!

People are losing jobs, family member(s) or even entire family, they are sitting miles apart and spending days WAITING for their ACHCHHE DIN. 

You never know what deed you did, might come handy to someone out there.

Just make sure, those who are valuable to you, know how priceless they are to you.

Please never ever and again never ever compromise on showering love and appreciation, you never know whom you just pulled off the edge!

Overthinking is a disease, I have it, depression is also real and so is getting healed.

All you need to do is think of one good thing that happened to you, when everything else went down!


Tapasya Bahl

MBA student




6/16/2020 12:06:50 PM kids programming
Tapasya Bahl
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