The Ranjitgarh Golf Course, situated on the banks of river Sutlej, was formally established in 1982 as a 9-Hole Course. This Golf Course is situated in a low-lying area, which was once a flood plain of the Sutlej. The original Course has been redesigned and re-laid and what we have today is a modern 9-Hole repeat Course. The Greens have been adjudged to be the best in this part of the country. Automatic pop-up sprinklers have been fitted in an underground network of irrigation pipes to ensure sufficient greenery on the Greens and the Fairways. The Club House portrays a colonial structure and has a huge lounge, dining room and a terrace room, besides, Executive Lounge, Kitchen, Billiard Table, Card Room and the Bar. There is also a Golf Practice Range and a modern Swimming Pool. At present, there are about 455 regular members of the Club. The club is registered with IGU & also under the Co-operative Societies Act.