The Corona epidemic is a time to think of distant times ahead and long-term approach: Dr. Amanpreet Singh

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Dr Amanpreet Singh

The Corona epidemic is a time to think of distant times ahead and long-term approach: Dr. Amanpreet Singh

The Coronavirus pandemic does not appear to decrease momentarily. The whole world is struggling with it, thousands dying every day. Rather than sedentary whines the contemporary situation demands comprehensive effort . A BBC report has quoted Dr. R. Lakshminarayan, director of the Center for Economics and Policy, a Washington-based Center for Disease Diagnosis, who stated the devastation of pandemic in India has been averted for a month due to the lock-down. He further recommended that this time must be effectively use to understand how to change the crises into something productive.  

This article of mine also outlines the same ‘a positive approach’. Why not plan something efficiently so that these challenging times can be transform into opportunity. My submission to the state governments is that the skill and expertise of the quarantined people in their respective boundaries should be tapped into creative output. More than twenty thousand people across the country have been kept in open spaces under strict restrictions. The government must Identify their area of expertise which can be effectively tap into productive exertion. For illustration If there is skilled labor quarantined, then it can add in restoration of government stadium, school, college or any public property like If there is a carpenter, then the school, college tables, chairs can be repaired. Talking about Punjab, so far a total of 219 people have been identified corona positive yet. Thousands of Quarantine people are living in different places all over the state. Government should shift the quarantine people to a repairing government site and thus providing the employment as well as comprehensive development of the state. However, it would be the responsibility of the government to provide the sanitized tools, equipment’s and post work sanitization of the site. It’s an inclusive approach with comprehensive benefits. The income of the quarantine jobless people can be generated as well as the condition of government buildings would also improve. In India, 75% of the population is under 35 years of age the young workforce can be used for physical exertion, but the elderly ones should be employed accordingly. They should work according to their physical ability. Apart from increasing the self-confidence of the quarantine peoples which aids in keeping the immune system right the economic condition of the labor class will also recover. Eminent economist Arvind Panagariya also agrees on the same lines that India should move forward with a long-term view. Opportunities must be found in crisis. The Corona epidemic is a time to think of distant times ahead and long-term approach. If its only the vaccination we are waiting for then the time and resources we are wasting anticipating this makes little sense.

Dr. Amanpreet Singh


Inder Kumar Gujral Punjab Technical University, Kapurthala

5/15/2020 1:51:00 PM kids programming
Dr Amanpreet Singh

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