Tribute to veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor

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Tribute to Rishi Kapoor

Tribute to veteran Actor Rishi Kapoor

Veteran actor Rishi Kapoor, who has had a glorious career in the world 

of Hindi cinema spanning over four decades, passed away at a Mumbai 

hospital on Thursday morning. He was 67.

 The actor, who had charmed his way into millions of hearts with his 

scintillating debut in 1973's 'Bobby', had been ailing for a while. After being 

diagnosed with cancer in 2018, he underwent treatment in New York for 

almost a year. In September 2019, he returned to India but was rarely seen 

in public since. Today After demised Rishi Kapoor The era has been ended 

because Kapoor family’s have good name in bollywood whom are Late 

Sh.Prithiv Raj Kapoor, Sh. Raj Kapoor and Sh. Rishi Kapoor and many more 

to come. All Kapoor’s family members have large contribution in films. They 

will know for their films and songs. 

I tribute to Late Sh. Rishi Kapoor with a heavy heart.

We are very thankful for his all contributions.


Anti corruption Front

District jalandhar President 

K.K. Bali


Gobind Aggarwal

And All Members

5/1/2020 9:33:00 AM kids programming
Tribute to Rishi Kapoor

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