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Online Jalandhar is India’s one of the fastest evolving news website. Started in the year 2009, Objective and fearless Journalism is the essence of Online Jalandhar that motivates the organization. The team of Online Jalandhar encompasses a wide range of professional and passionate Journalists. With marketing experience of more than 9 years, Online Jalandhar is a unique platform with doctoral IT professionals and Journalists for the designing and implementation of online marketing and public relations. Online Jalandhar has 6 offices in Punjab, one in Jammu and Kashmir and one in Himachal Pradesh, the head office of Online Jalandhar is at Guru Nanak Pura , Jalandhar. For advertising related queries kindly mail at contact@onlinejalandhar.com and for other general queries and suggestions kindly mail at editor@onlinejalandhar.com

The passion drives the success, the quote you must have encountered somewhere but the example of an organization demonstrating the same is rare. It’s not just the string of words that can define the journey of this unique organization but the statistics of success itself propagates its accomplishment. It’s been 10 years since India’s one of the fastest growing news website onlinejalandhar.com marks its inception in the Internet Journalism. The motivation to give objective and credible news was the sole motivation that drive the journey of onlinejalandhar.com. The proficient news organization has many feats in its domain as the organization from offering IT solutions to organizations all around the country to creating internet inclusive environment for the promotion of grassroot journalism, onlinejalandhar.com is now all set to endorse the Indian entrepreneurship affected by Covid-19 pandemic.
Onlinejalandhar.com, has been the mounting pole star in the news industry in India. With more than 1 lakh visitors every month month, the website has registered a significant growth in the online news consumption of India. A unique website with integrated approach of quality journalism and strategic digital marketing has reshaped the domain of Internet driven Journalism. One of the fastest growing news website, the vision of promoting the grassroot Journalism is the vision of onlinejalandhar.com. The motivation to inspire voices all around the country, promoting credible and unchecked journalism drives the success of Online Jalandhar. “Every day, every minute some noteworthy event marks its presence in the News world. The inability of the local Journalists to provide the newsworthy information due to the monopoly of big news organizations was a big concern in the Information system of India. Although the rising connectivity in the internet has enabled the Journalists and social workers of the society to have their own platform but the lack of technological literacy is preventing many highbrows to have online presence. Online Jalandhar mission is to provide credible journalism and IT solution for a better-informed world” communicates Dr. Ajay Dutta the technical advisor of Onlinejalandhar.com. Not online one of the fastest growing news website but Onlinejalandhar.com is also India’s one of its kind organization providing IT solutions like website development, digital marketing, content management etc. to boost the spirit of Journalism.
In the world of Information explosion, the need to have an inclusive approach of digital marketing and content credibility is the utmost requirement of any digital news organization. The well-know fact of media monopolization and that not all news websites are a credible/unbias sources of daily news motivated onlinejalandhar.com to leverage information technology in Media domain. To provide authentic news and newsworthy information, the responsibility to carefully evaluate and organize the information people consume is the elixir in the success of online journalism. Being informed and aware of what is happening around not only helps the people to gain information but also raises and address the matters of public concerns. In the ongoing pandemic of covid-19, people all around the globe want to know the current happenings of all day, every day.
The already part of life News, is now becoming an important element of awareness in the society. Every minute the changing statistics of coronavirus, the need to know the cases of Covid-19 in a particular locality or across the globe and to keep the information with these happenings around the world, the online journalism platforms are getting quite popularity these days. Earlier people used to be dependent upon newspapers, radio broadcasts, and television for the information and live updates. But the mobility limitations of these sources are resolved by the online websites providing news anywhere anytime within few clicks of mobile. The national news organizations are characterized by prominent news coverage of the with little focus on the local journalism. The one platform onlinejalandhar.com proves the inclusive approach to the enhance the online-presence of the organizations. Exemplified by the its own success the need of digital marketing to gain recognition in the vast Internet is of utmost requirement in the digital news media platforms. Onlinejalandhar.com blends the national and local news stories with a widespread network of Journalists and professionals all around the country.
India has become the second-largest online present country in the World. The KPMG report of rising digital presence of the country indicates the success of digital platforms itself. Riding on the demand the online news sector in the country has witnessed a phenomenal growth in recent decade. It is now a truth acknowledged in many quarters that the grassroot journalism is getting more and more widespread in the digital world. The need to provide an economical and integrated approach to the journalism community is the need of hour. The covid-19 pandemic has disrupted the traditional news industry all around the globe whereas the Internet driven platforms are still witnessing the upsurge in attention and appreciation. The onlinejalandhar.com is the one stop solution for all digital-problems or improvisations.